TDS and Its Importance in Hydroponics.
This blog helps you to understand the importance of maintaining desired TDS levels in your hydroponic systems. TDS can affect parameters like nutrient delivery, plant growth, pH balance etc.
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5 years ago, when we decided to grow plants using NFT Hydroponic Technology as part of our R&D, we used closed NFT rectangular channels. After growing for 2 years in these closed channels we had so many challenges to be addressed.

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Perfect NFT Hydroponic Kits for Homes!

In the previous article on DWC Hydroponics you have learnt about what hydroponics is and DWC hydroponics in detail. Let us continue to know about another popular hydroponic technology - NFT Hydroponics.

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Searching for the Perfect Hydroponic System for your Plants. Here is all that your Plant Needs!

The new Hydroponics system in the agriculture industry is slowly gaining popularity due to its high crop outputs and the smart technology that it uses, not only this, the hydroponics industry is estimated to grow tremendously in the coming years.

If you do not know what hydroponics is, need not worry...

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Why to Consider Coir Coins for Seed Germination?

Coir coins are designed to hold moisture and provide a suitable environment for seed germination. They are often used in conjunction with seed trays or pots and are placed in a hydroponic system or soil to promote the growth of seedlings.

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