How to use City Greens Nutes combo?

06.08.23 11:50 PM By Admin

Introducing "Nutes," your all-in-one liquid micronutrient mixture designed to nurture and enhance plant growth in both hydroponic and soil-based systems. Nutes is a carefully formulated blend containing seven vital micronutrients essential for promoting vigorous plant development. Packed with Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Boron, Molybdenum, and Chlorine this powerful solution ensures optimal nutrient uptake and utilization, supporting healthier foliage, robust root systems, and increased overall plant vitality. Whether you're a hydroponic enthusiast or a traditional soil gardener, Nutes is your ultimate companion, providing the perfect balance of essential micronutrients to cultivate thriving and bountiful plants.

Nutes Contents

It contains all the micronutrients required by plants which include Iron, Zinc, Boron, Copper, Manganese, Molybdenum, Chlorine, Magnesium Oxide along with growth promoters Silica & Fulvic Acid. These all elements though required in small quantities they play a crucial role in plants growth.

You can use Nutes to supply micronutrients to plants grown in hydroponics, soil/coco peat farming.

How to use?

In Hydroponics: Add 1-2 ml of Nutes depending on the plant size per litre of water.

In Soil/Cocopeat: Add 2 ml of Nutes to one litre water, use 50 ml of this solution for small plants & 100 ml for large plants.

Are you still facing any difficulties?

Don’t fret. We are here to help.

City Greens has a dedicated help desk to support the efforts of a growing community. It doesn’t matter if you are using our products or someone’s else. If you are facing trouble in growing, just shoot a query to us by writing to or Whatsapp on +91 84315 32978 and we will try to help you to the best of our ability and knowledge. 


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