Window? Balcony? Terrace? Indoors?

​Choose a kit that fits into your idle space. Learn to grow from CityGreens Agronomy team.

Starter Kit

₹1,450.00 ₹2,999.00
DWC Kit - 5 Planter
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If you are new to hydroponics, use this kit to learn the basics. Keep it near a window and grow herbs and greens like spinach, lettuce, coriander, mint etc.


Leafy Greens Kit

₹7,990.00 - ₹9,990.00
NFT Kit(s) for Outdoors
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This kit is ideal for balcony or covered terrace or any place that gets natural sunlight and is shielded from rains. Grow up to 40 greens.


Vegetables Kit

₹9,990.00 - ₹11,990.00
Dutch Bucket Kit(s)
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If you would like to grow tall plants like cucumber, tomato, chillis, gourds, brinjal, jalapeanos, capsicum, etc, use Ducth bucket kit.


Leafy Greens Kit with White Light

₹10,990.00 - ₹39,990.00
Indoor NFT Kit(s)
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Don't have a place that gets natural sunlight? No worries, grow indoors, inside any room or hall using this kit. Grow up to 40 greens.


Leafy Greens Kit with Coloured Light

₹13,990.00 - ₹47,990.00
Indoor NFT Kit(s) with PAR Spectrum Lights
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Want to grow plants and add to your rooms' decor too? Use PAR light kit that will add colours to any indoor area. Grow up to 120 greens.


White light = slow growth, high electricity expense

Coloured light = fast growth, low electricity expense

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