Balanced Nutrients

Provides complete nutrition. Macronutrients + Micronutrients + Trace Elements.

Liquid Nutrients for Hydroponics, Soil and Cocopeat (Lab-Grade Nutrients)

₹180.00 - ₹1,600.00
NPK Combo Pack
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₹390.00 - ₹1,600.00
Symphony Combo Pack
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₹390.00 ₹557.00
Greens Combo Pack
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Pre-mixed Powder Nutrients for Hydroponics, Soil and Cocopeat

₹190.00 - ₹3,600.00
3-Part Nutrient for Leafy Greens
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₹240.00 - ₹3,600.00
Powder Nutrients For Veggies and Tomatoes
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Growth Buddies - Regulators that promote plants' Growth

₹290.00 ₹450.00
pH Up & Down Solution 300ml
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₹280.00 ₹380.00
Plant Growth Booster Combo 300 ml
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₹299.00 ₹390.00
Nutes Combo Pack
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House plant Nutrients for common indoor and gardening plants

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