All you need to know about City Greens DWC hydroponics kit.

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City Greens DWC hydroponics kit can be used by adults, kids and people willing to start it as a hobby or even for an experiment. In this blog, we have provided a complete guide on what the kit contains, how to set up and maintain the system, and some common issues you might face in your journey.

What all do you get when you order a City Greens DWC hydroponics kit?

  • DWC pipe - 2 feet, with 5 growing spaces. This pipe allows you to open the lid and access root zone either by lifting or by sliding the lid.  
  • Hydroponics nutrients
  • Air pump with air stone and pipe.
  • Net pots
  • Fly ash hydrotons
  • Coir coins
  • Variety of seeds

Essentially there are 4 major steps involved when you want to grow plants using City Greens DWC hydroponics kit. Seed Germination, Hardening, Transplanting, & Monitoring.

1. Seed Germination

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1. Place one seed germination plug in each net pot without removing the outer cover. Then add 30 to 50 ml water to the plug to expand it completely.

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2. Sow 3-4 seeds around 1/2 cm deep in the germination plug. Place the net pots in a tray or plate and keep the tray in a warm and dark place to speed up the  germination process. 

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3. Keep the germination plug moist by spraying 5 - 10 ml of water once or twice a day (depending upon the weather in your area). The seeds will start to germinate in 3 to 7 days time. 

2. Hardening

  • Once the seeds have germinated, start exposing them to morning and evening sun for couple of hours a day. And increase sure the exposure gradually.
  • Provide 10 - 15 ml of (regular or nutrient) water to the saplings everyday.
  • For next 1 week, keep increasing the sun exposure gradually till the saplings develop 6-8 leaves.

  • Once the sapling develops 6-8 leaves it is ready to be transplanted.

NOTE: Prepare a 500 ml nutrient solution by adding 1 ml each of N, K and P to 500 ml of water. Use this solution, once on alternate days to water your plants. Rest of the times use plain water. 

3. Transplanting

Place the DWC system in an area that gets a good amount of sunlight. (Note that if the sunlight is not adequate the plants will not grow properly)

i) Insert the transparent air tube through one end of the end-cap of DWC pipe and attach the air stone to this end.

ii) Attach the other end of the tube to the air-pump. Place the air-pump outside the DWC pipe in a dry area. 

Prepare the nutrient solution by adding 4 ml of N, K, and P to 2 liters of water. Add the nutrient solution to the DWC pipe and close the lid. 

Transfer the net pots to the planting spaces in the lid of DWC system and this step completes the system setup.

4. Monitoring

1. Aeration

Turn on the air pump for half an hour twice a day (preferably morning and evening) 

2. Water Level

Check the water level once a week and make sure the roots are inside water all the time.

3. Nutrient Addition

Add 2 ml of N, K, & P in one liter of water and use it to top up the pipe when the water level is low.

Common issues you might face while growing.


When the germinated seedlings are not kept under the light their stem becomes thin & long (lanky), eventually the growth is reduced and the plants may die. To avoid this provide sunlight in the mornings and evenings after germination when the sun is not harsh.

When the temperature is hot or when air pump is not operated regularly the roots become brown in color which can lead to reduced growth. Make sure to use the pump regularly and monitor the root health frequently.

Plants need light for photosynthesis, if the sunlight is not proper the plants becomes lanky (thin & long stem), chlorophyll production is reduced, and plants can turn pale green to yellow to white.

No matter what there are times when you might need a helping hand in your growing journey. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer support. Our knowledgeable and friendly support team is available to assist you with any questions or issues you may have. Whether you need help with installation, troubleshooting, or any other aspect of using our product, we are here to help.


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