Cover for Netpots-2" - Black
Cover for Netpots-2" - Black
Cover for Netpots-2" - Black
Cover for Netpots-2" - Black
Cover for Netpots-2" - Black

Cover for Netpots

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Algae formation is a consistent problem that growers face while growing plants using NFT channels. The algae formation happens because of the light falling on the nutrient solution. 

Many a times, a grower has no choice but to leave few planting spaces empty, for example:-

  • Different plants may take different amount of time during germination and transplant phase. As such the movement of plants in NFT system will be staggered, leading to few empty spots.
  • Sometimes, to increase plant spacing, the grower may want to leave a few planting spaces empty. Say, if your NFT channel has planting spaces 4 inches apart but you want to grow plants that need 6 inches of spacing, same can be achieved by leaving alternate planting space empty.
  • Sometimes, a few plants may not survive the transplant and that may leave a few empty spaces. 

Light that passes through these spaces and falls on the nutrient solution can lead to vigorous algae growth in the system. This algae will compete with the plants for nutrients and may impact the pH balance of nutrient solution as well.

CityGreen's cover for netcups have been designed keeping these limitations in mind. These covers are heavy-duty, made of virgin plastic and have a life-time of well over 4-5 years. You can use them repeatedly to minimize the chances of algae buildup in your growing system.

These multi-purpose covers will fit 2 inch net-pots of all brands and makes and can also be used to cover empty planting spaces in a DWC system as well.
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