Cocopeat Variants
Cocopeat Variants
Cocopeat Variants
Cocopeat Variants
Cocopeat Variants
Cocopeat Variants
Cocopeat Variants
Cocopeat Variants

Cocopeat Variants

There are three different levels of treatment that are carried out to form different qualities in Cocopeat bricks viz Unwashed, Washed and Buffered.

Unwashed Cocopeat is the natural raw form of the product which has high fibre content, high salt content, and high EC level. It is good for mulching and landscaping but not good for growing crops.  

Washed Cocopeat is obtained by treating the Unwashed Cocopeat with pure water over a period of time. This process results in lowering of salt and EC level. Washed Cocopeat is ideal to be used in soilless gardening. 

Buffered Cocopeat is obtained by further treating the washed Cocopeat to reduce the Potassium and Sodium Chloride levels, and increase the Nitrogen level. Buffered Cocopeat has further lower levels of EC. Buffered Cocopeat is the ideal choice to be used for seed germination and in Hydroponics. 

CityGreens has also launched another variant which is cocopeat enriched with nutrients. This is useful for growing vegetable crops in a kitchen or terrace garden. 

If you are into soil-based gardening, you can mix Cocopeat into the soil and use it as a soil conditioner. It will improve moisture retention capabilities of soil and increase aeration. Also, because of neutral pH, it will improve the pH profile of the overall soil-cocopeat mix. 

If using in soil-less gardening, mix Cocpeat with another media like Clay pebbles, Fly ash pebbles, coco-chips, wood shavings, or Gravel etc. This is required as Cocopeat, due to high water retention ratio, tends to compress over time leaving no or less room for Oxygen. This can also lead to high moisture in the root zone at times. Mixing Cocopeat with Clay Pebbles or gravel gives you an ideal soil-less mix using which you can completely eliminate soil and say goodbye to soil based pests and frequent weeds. 

Instructions for use

Place the cocopeat block in a big container or tub. Add approx 25 L of water. Wait for 10 minutes and then mix it. Add more water if needed.
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Product Details
  • 2 different variants to choose from - Washed (Low EC), and Buffered.
  • Washed Cocopeat - use for normal gardening / mixing with soil.
  • Buffered Cocopeat - use for seed germination and nursery operations.
  • Low EC, and Neutral pH.
  • Sand content < 4%
  • Fibre content < 5%
  • Expansion Ration 1:14 - 1 block will expand into approx. 70 - 75 Litres
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