Seeds - Exotic Greens - Tatsoi /100 Seeds
Seeds - Exotic Greens - Tatsoi /100 Seeds

Seeds - Exotic Greens - Tatsoi /100 Seeds

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    • The quality of seed generally determines the quality of output. Good quality seeds will have a high germination rate and result in high-quality crops of similar size, shape, and texture.
    • We use high-quality seeds in our commercial farms. We use both desi as well as imported seeds that have a good germination rate and offer a consistent yield. Here, we are offering the same seeds that we use in our commercial farms. 
    • Store the seeds in an airtight container after use. Keep the seeds in a cool, dry place and avoid moisture contact for better germination in future use. (You can keep in a refrigerator).
    •  If you are a beginner there can be a point where you are stuck and need a helping hand. At City Greens we have a dedicated support team for helping you out with all your queries.

    Happy Gardening....
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