CG Hydrotons - (Leca)

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  • Light expanded clay aggregate (LECA), an excellent grow medium for use in hydroponics, aquaponics, soilless farming, potting mix, and landscaping.
  • Excellent wick action: The pellets are made of 100% pure clay and are 35-45 % porous, which make them a best choice for all hydroponic and aquaponic systems.
  • Best clay media for improved aeration, these clay balls are strong, sturdy and retain their shape, allowing continuous oxygen near the root zone. This helps the plant to grow healthy.
  • Uniform size: All the clay pellets are of same size (Height -20mm, Diameter – 17mm) which makes these pebbles an excellent choice for landscaping. These leca balls can be used as support media for lucky bamboo, money plant, succulents, ornamental plants. It can be uses as a potting mix in gardening.
  • The hydrotons are pH neutral, highly stable in both varying pH & EC. This provides a safe and healthy environment for plant to grow healthy.
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