PAR Spectrum Grow Lights - Set of 2

PAR Spectrum Grow Lights - Set of 2



These horticulture lights are designed for growing plants indoors, vertical farms, or can substitute sunlight. These lights provide specific wavelengths to promote optimal growth and resistance against pest attacks and diseases.


Grow+ PAR Spectrum LED grow light with 20 watt power consumption. Some of the features incorporated to help the grower are:

  • UV light helps plants to develop resistance to pest attacks and diseases.

  • Infra-Red light helps plants to increase their leaves size and weight.

  • In-built connectors - allows you to connect any no. of lights easily in a series fashion.

  • Power cable - simple plug type user friendly design. No expertises needed to use.

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  • ONLY light in India that incudes UV and INFRARED DIODES. PAR Spectrum Grow Lights (300-800nm) – 2 units, 4 Feet/120cm length, with in-built connectors and a power cable. Specially designed for all leafy vegetable. These plant lights emit a completely balanced spectrum for higher and faster yields, develops disease resistance in plants 
  • The light spectrum covers complete Photosynthetically Active Radiation range and provides right wavelengths contributing to overall plant growth, resistance to pest attacks, and improved pigmentation in leaves. 
  • BLUE: To promote germination, photosynthesis, and overall plant growth at all stages of plant life. RED: To promote flowering and fruiting and increase yield directly; WHITE: Useful in photosynthesis and overall plant growth. UV: To develop resistance against pest attacks. INFRARED: To help plant increase its leaf size and weight 
  • DESIGN & FEATURES – You can connect any number of lights in series fashion with the help of in-built connectors. No external wires or cords needed. No expertise required. Plug and play model with aluminium base for extended life. 
  • USES - Perfect for growing all leafy vegetables both in soil and hydroponic farming. These lights can also be used for saplings after germination, potted plants, succulents, and any other ornamental plants.

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