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The quality of seed generally determines the quality of output. Good quality seeds will have a high germination rate and result in high-quality crops of similar size, shape, and texture.

We use high-quality seeds in our commercial farms. We use both desi as well as imported seeds that have a good germination rate and offer a consistent yield. Here, we are offering the same seeds that we use in our commercial farms. Further, if you face any issues with, or need guidance on growing from seeds, our Agronomy team will be there to support you.
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  • Best kale seeds for home gardening, planting. High quality imported seeds with 80 - 85% germination rate.
  • Seeds Germination Time: 7 - 10 Days.
  • Soil: Sow directly in the soil at around 1 inch depth
  • Hydroponics: Transfer the seedlings to any hydroponic set-up once 8-10 leaves are developed
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