DWC Kit - 5 Planter
DWC Kit - 5 Planter
DWC Kit - 5 Planter
DWC Kit - 5 Planter
DWC Kit - 5 Planter
DWC Kit - 5 Planter
DWC Kit - 5 Planter
DWC Kit - 5 Planter
DWC Kit - 5 Planter
DWC Kit - 5 Planter

DWC Kit - 5 Planter

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City Greens Hydroponic Starter Kit offer perfect options for beginners and hobbyists to try Hydroponics first hand. The kit is based on principles of Deep Water Culture (DWC) which is relatively easier to maintain and learn for the first-timers.

These kits comes with all the essential elements to get you on track to grow your first Hydroponic produce. Further our remote support team will be there to assist you at every step whenever you need help.

Kit's Components
  • DWC Pipe - 2 Feet with Five Growing Spaces
  • City Greens Hydroponics Nutrients - NPK 300 ml
  • Air Pump for Oxygenation (with air stone & pipe)
  • 5 Food-Safe Net Pots (White & Black)
  • Fly Ash Hydrotons - 100 grams
  • Coir Coins 3cm - 5
  • Variety of seeds

City Greens DWC kit is the only one available in which you can open the lid and access the root zone anytime during the plant lifecycle. City Greens kits come with a dual opening mechanism. The sliding one which generally exists in a few of the other openable kits is there. However, with the sliding mechanism alone, you can not open the kit when plants are still growing inside. In addition, these kits also come with a lift-open mechanism. You can simply lift the lid (with plants still growing in it) and access the root zone whenever you wish to.
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Product Details
  • Complete Hydroponics kit for home with Air pump, Net pots, Coir Cons, Fly Ash Hydrotons, Seeds & Hydroponic nutrients.
  • Perfect hydroponic system for people to experiment hydroponics in small scale. A budget friendly hydroponic setup for home garden.
  • Safety & Premium Quality: The NFT Channel or pipe, End caps and Net pots are made of food safe and lead-free plastic.
  • User friendly design: An openable NFT channel allows you to check the water level or clean this DWC hydroponic kit without any hassle.
  • Best and simple hydroponics home kit for growing all leafy vegetables or plants
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