Seeds - Herbs - Purple Basil /0.5 grams
Seeds - Herbs - Purple Basil /0.5 grams
Seeds - Herbs - Purple Basil /0.5 grams

Seeds - Herbs - Purple Basil /0.5 grams

Basil, an aromatic herb used in drinks, seasonings in a very small quantities. It can be consumed fresh, dried or in powdered form. Known from ages for it's ayurvedic properties.

How can we grow Basil from seeds?

Steps to follow for growing basil plant successfully

1. Sow the seeds in soil or cocopeat at one cm depth and moist the media. Keep the tray or pot in dark place and avoid air circulation. (You can do this by wrapping a sheet around the tray)

2. Check for moisture every day till the seed germinates. Basil germinates in 7-10 days.

3. Provide light for sprouts to avoid lanky growth. (Elongated stem that eventually falls due to weight of plant and inhibits growth)

4. Grow these saplings in semi shade for 2-3 weeks before you transplant it to a bigger pot or any hydroponic system.

5. After transplanting provide full sunlight for its healthy growth and make sure to supply nutrition for your plant.

6. You can harvest parsley in 50-60 days from sowing. Just pick the leaves and use it salads, smoothies and allow you plant to retain fresh leaves for consumption.
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Product Details

1. Basil seeds with a high germination rate, results in high-quality crops.

2. Contains 300 seeds in the pack

3. Store the seeds in an airtight container after use. Keep the seeds in a cool, dry place and avoid moisture contact for better germination in future use. (You can keep in a refrigerator).

4. If you are a beginner there can be a point where you are stuck and need a helping hand. At City Greens we have a dedicated support team for helping you out with all your queries.

Happy Gardening....

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